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What Do You See in 2012?

Beloved, what do you see in the horizon of 2012?

The question ‘what do you see?’ presupposes at least three things:

  1. That you are already in an action of looking or searching;
  2. That you are already seeing something and
  3. That you should be expecting to see something.

Asking the question may therefore appear rhetorical, however in the case of Elijah in 1Kings 18:41-46, the question was loaded!

Loaded because Elijah had already declared that it would rain for indeed “there is a sound of the roar of a heavy shower”. With this pronouncement, Elijah sent the King to go eat and drink – celebrate the rain.

But for Elijah, he did something that we all must do in order to receive God’s anointing in 2012 and the promises of God to us in 2012. So what did Elijah and his Servant do?

ELIJAH and his servant REPOSITIONED themselves by Praying and Watching FOR THE RAIN TO FALL!

I Repeat, while the king went to celebrate the coming rain, Elijah and his servant, REPOSITIONED themselves in order to receive the Promise of Rain!

So Elijah he went up the mountain to INTRECEED FOR AND RECEIVE THE ALREADY DECLARED RAIN whereby he “crouched down on the earth and put his face between his knees”. It is then he said to his servant, to “go up and look toward the sea”. The servant went seven times seeing nothing!

Today I sense the Lord asking, what do you see in 2012? And so I humbly ask you what do you see?”

I remind us of at least three Declarations for the year 2012:

  1. That in this New Year, the Glory of the Lord would rise upon us. It is therefore our responsibility to Arise and Shine (Isaiah 60:1).
  2. That in this New Year, we would SOAR on WINGS like Eagles because we have been responsible in Waiting upon the Lord (Isaiah 40:31).
  3. That in this New Year, The fields are READY and PLENTIFUL for HARVEST. Therefore, we are responsible to Pray and to Go Gather the Harvest (Matthew 9:37-38).

The school of Prophecy shows us that before any Prophetic Declaration was fulfilled, there was always a preceding Repositioning, in terms of a responsible action. That is why Elijah did not go to celebrate with the king but instead Elijah REPOSITIONED HIMSELF and went to INTRECEED for the Actualization and Fulfillment of the Abundance of Rain PROPHECY!

This was critically necessary for the rain to pour. Likewise, it was necessary for Elijah’s servant to see, the coming rain physically in fulfillment to Elijah’s Prophetic Declaration. And only when the servant saw the Rain encapsulated in the sign of the cloud, did Elijah arise from his position of prayer in the Mountain!

So in recap, Having already declared that it would Rain, Elijah had one task to do before the Rain Fell! TO INTRECEED! (to Pray). In addition, the Servant had one task before the rain fell, TO SEE THE PHYSICAL RAIN in the horizon!  (to Watch).

Likewise, for the fulfillment of Prophetic Utterances in 2012, there must a WATCHING and PRAYING!

Please hear me well, The Praying will be done by a Prophetic Guild IMMERSED in Prayer like Elijah. While the Watching will be done by an Army of Faithful Saints who will physically SEEING the Fulfillments of the Prophecy in the horizon like Elijah’s servant! It is then and only then, that can the king and the rest of the world will be able to celebrate in 2012!

Beloved Saint of God, will you Watch and Pray with me this coming Year of the Lord 2012?