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The Pharisees meant harm when they cast the Adulterous woman to Jesus!

But God turned their evil to God when they cast a sinful woman to Christ!

And even though publicly humiliated, the Woman encountered Christ!

This encounter Saved the Woman and Restored back her dignity!

Likewise, God will turn your enemies’ plot into your Advantage!

So irregardless of your estate, be cast at the Cross of Jesus!

For in the Presence of Christ, YOU will find Fullness of Joy!

Bishop Dagi


3 Things I Need 2 know

The Grace of God!
The Mighty Power of God!
The Worship that Pleases God!
So Please God, Help me Know you!

Jesus will see you Through All the Time!
In Times of Joy and Times of Sorrow!
Only Trust Jesus for He changes Not!
For ONLY Jesus remains the Same!
Yesterday, Today and Forever!

Glory to God He LIFTED me UP!

SAVE THE LOST don’t Stuff Self!

The Mission of the Church is to Rescue the Perishing and care for the Dying!

This was the Mission of Christ, to Seek and to Save that which is Lost!

While the Church today seeks Worldly Prosperity & Selfish Comforts!

Let’s the Church not be Conformed to the world, but SAVE the Lost!

So begin to Worry, when all you think off is Self and not the Lost!


In times of Rebellion, Jonah was saved via a Storm!

In times of Sin, Noah and co were saved via a Storm!

In times of Shipwreck, Paul Preached in the Island of Malta!

In times of a Storm Crisis, Publius’ father was Miraculously healed!

In times of Obedience, Disciples saw the Power of God stilling a Storm!

In times of a Storm & Storms, God’s Hand yields Great Miraculous Power!

So in times of Storms, Let your Faith Rise as you await to see God’s Victory!

Bishop Dagi


Satan deserves you to Rebuke him!

Satan is the Accuser of the Brethren!

Satan gives you no Goodies, just curses!

Satan is not your Friend, he is the Enemy!

Satan enjoys when you are in Pain & Trouble!

Satan Throws every dirty Filth to mess your life!

Satan brings sickness and diseases into your life!

Satan is a Wrecker of Relationships, Love & Peace!

Satan causes you to Sin against yourself, others & God!

Satan is a Looser, So rebuke that lying evil fox in Jesus Name!

The Lord rebukes you Satan, and so do I! GET BEHIND ME SATAN!

Bishop Dagi


Our Calling is to Buildup God’s Kingdom not to Break-down!
So Today give yourself to Building-UP God’s Kingdom!
And shy not to join others Building-UP God’s Name!
For he who scatters not, is Building-UP with us!

The Greater God becomes, the Lesser ALL your issues become!
So Let God be LORD over all and your Fears and Insecurity will dwindle!
The Psalmist says it well, Oh let God ARISE and ALL His Enemies will Scatter!


Your Light is that Special Gift you Posses!

Your Light is a Call that God gives you!

Your Light is a Natural Responsibility!

Your Light is a Special Anointing!

Your Light is a God given Task!

Your Light is your Inspiration!

Your Light is yours to SHINE!

Your Light is also who you are!

Your Light is also your very Life!

Your Light is also not Strange to you!

Your Light is also a Talent you Posses!

Your Light is also Anything that is only You!

Your Light is also Something you enjoy doing!

Bishop Dagi


It is in God’s FULNESS if Time that God sent Jesus to save us!

Though God is not Limited to Time, for time is His creation!

God created Time and Seasons for a Divine Purpose!

And God will use this Divine Purpose all the Time!

So Forever seek to walk in God’s ‘Kairos’, Time!

For in HIS Time, He makes all things Beautiful!

Bishop Dagi