The Pharisees meant harm when they cast the Adulterous woman to Jesus!

But God turned their evil to God when they cast a sinful woman to Christ!

And even though publicly humiliated, the Woman encountered Christ!

This encounter Saved the Woman and Restored back her dignity!

Likewise, God will turn your enemies’ plot into your Advantage!

So irregardless of your estate, be cast at the Cross of Jesus!

For in the Presence of Christ, YOU will find Fullness of Joy!

Bishop Dagi


About Bishopdagi

Bishop Dr. Douglas Muchiri is the Presiding Bishop of Life-Net Christian Fellowship Churches. He received his Biblical and Theological training in Kenya, South Africa and the USA. Dr. Muchiri is a dynamic teacher of the Word and is passionate on Revival, Renewal, Reformation and Restoration. The heartbeat of Bishop Doug’s vision in life, is embedded in Ezra 7:10: “To STUDY the law of God and to PRACTICE it, and to TEACH His Statutes and Ordinances”.

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  1. Thank you. May you always find the Joy in everything.

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