The Lying Spirit (John 8:44)

Jn 8:44
Liars Lie!
Lying is Evil!
Lying is a Sin!
Believe Not Lies!
The Devil is a LIAR!
A Diabolical Liar he is!
Yes, He has been a Liar!
He Continues to Lie Today!
Masquerades as ‘Angel of Light’!
Yet Lies to both Sinners and Saints!
He’s Accusations are Filled with Lies!
For he is the Author and Master of Lies!
It is most sad that 400 Prophets could Lie!
And they Lied in the Name of the Lord God!
After being Compromised by the Lying spirit!
But ALL this time, God had A Faithful Prophet!
And the Faithful Prophet Exposed the Lying spirit!
Whenever Truth REIGNS, ALL Darkness is EXPOSED!
The Father of ALL Lies is the none other than the Devil!
So Believe and Receive NOT any lies concerning your life!
And I REBUKE Every lying Report in your life in Jesus Name!
Walk now in TRUTH! NEVER be Lied to Again in Jesus Name!
For on this day, Christ SETS YOU FREE from ALL Serpent Lies!
Be LOOSED from Hell’s lying Poison and All itchy Scorpion stings!
And let every Demonic inspired fiery dart BACKFIRE in Jesus’ Name!
And every Baalzebub prophecy against me BACKFIRE in Jesus’ Name!
Let Holy Ghost Fire now Torment and Consume Serpent injected spirits!
We THWART every Lie sent to Embarrass or Torment you in Jesus’ Name!
And we RELEASE Holy Ghost Fire to BURN every Satanic Deposits in your life!
And we BREAK every Yoke of Sickness, Stagnation and Poverty in Jesus’ Name!
And we RELEASE the Blood of Jesus to SET YOU FREE from every Witchcraft Ties!
And we Declare DOUBLE DESTRUCTION on All Demonic Domination in Jesus’ Name!


About Bishopdagi

Bishop Dr. Douglas Muchiri is the Presiding Bishop of Life-Net Christian Fellowship Churches. He received his Biblical and Theological training in Kenya, South Africa and the USA. Dr. Muchiri is a dynamic teacher of the Word and is passionate on Revival, Renewal, Reformation and Restoration. The heartbeat of Bishop Doug’s vision in life, is embedded in Ezra 7:10: “To STUDY the law of God and to PRACTICE it, and to TEACH His Statutes and Ordinances”.

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  1. HALLELUJAH!! AMEN!! AMEN!!. God keep you and allow no harm befall you. Those who have been sent by the father of lies will be sent back with all their weapons and stones intact for none shall reach you nor your home.. in JESUS name! AMEN

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