Spiritual Honeymoon: John 8:36


It is unfortunate and sad that Many Christians live on a ‘Weekly Honeymoon’.
This is a hyped up spiritual ‘high’ normally experienced on Sundays!
Thereafter they recoil into a caged Oppressive estate!
Then comes a Spiritual Permanent Shut down!
A state of Oppressed ‘Survival’ rituals!
But Christ Sets Free Indeed!
Refuse to Survive!
Begin to LIVE!
Jn 8:36!


About Bishopdagi

Bishop Dr. Douglas Muchiri is the Presiding Bishop of Life-Net Christian Fellowship Churches. He received his Biblical and Theological training in Kenya, South Africa and the USA. Dr. Muchiri is a dynamic teacher of the Word and is passionate on Revival, Renewal, Reformation and Restoration. The heartbeat of Bishop Doug’s vision in life, is embedded in Ezra 7:10: “To STUDY the law of God and to PRACTICE it, and to TEACH His Statutes and Ordinances”.

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  1. AMEN! Bishop AMEN. I have said something similar in the past.. do not merely survive this life, LIVE it!

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