I don’t know about you but most of us have in this life Gotten very Sad Names!
BUT the GOOD NEWS is that God knows you by a NEW NAME!
This New Name stands for a NEW VICTORIOUS IDENTITY!

A NEW TAG means you;re REBorn, REStored, REDeemed ……

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches. To the who conquers I will give him a white stone, with

a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it” Revelation 2:17.

Isn’t it incredible that Jehovah has saved a name for you?
A NEW NAME that you don’t even know.

This means that the road ahead is so bright that a FRESH NAME is needed ….
Yes! Yes! Yes! that Your eternity is so special that no common name will do.

So our good Jehovah has reserved just the RIGHT NAME for You ….
This means that There is more to life than you ever thought.

There is more to your story than what you can tell or know …
So, I plead….Be there when Jehovah whispers your name.

And this is not just the beginning of Your new name …
It is the Beginning of your bright future in Christ ….

So keep Blessed and Capture the New Tag.
AMEN AND AMEN to the Glorious KING!


About Bishopdagi

Bishop Dr. Douglas Muchiri is the Presiding Bishop of Life-Net Christian Fellowship Churches. He received his Biblical and Theological training in Kenya, South Africa and the USA. Dr. Muchiri is a dynamic teacher of the Word and is passionate on Revival, Renewal, Reformation and Restoration. The heartbeat of Bishop Doug’s vision in life, is embedded in Ezra 7:10: “To STUDY the law of God and to PRACTICE it, and to TEACH His Statutes and Ordinances”.

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  1. Even Jabez was given his name meaning HE who causes pain. Can you imagine going through your life with name such as means this?? But God took Jabez an turned that whole situation around. Powerful man he became though his prayer came in the midst of things the writer stopped.. to present that Prayer in 1 Chronicles. Why do you suppose he took that time do so? Because there was something important about that prayer. with my study.. one can see what it would be like to give up all. and ask for anything but nothing specifically

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